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Though there’s also that part of the US vs Russia angle where Lana says things about the US I agree with…

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Bill Nye Fights Back

How a mild-mannered children’s celebrity plans to save science in America—or go down swinging.

Read the full article on Popular Science

Bill Fuckin Nye

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Literally ALL you needed to make this AMERICA VS RUSSIA thing work was a dude who’s genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about representing his country because he loves it.

Literally ALL it took was Mark Henry going, “I’m gonna whoop some ass for America because that’s what I do and I love this country.”

That’s it.

No racist rhetoric. No xenophobic overtones. No sexist comments. None of that.

Just a good ol’ fashioned hoss that loves splittin’ wigs in the name of his country.

This certainly would’ve been 1000% better.

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Hey guys! I’m always open for commissioning!

Here’s some info regarding options and pricing:


  • $10.00 for a pen and ink sketch of anything. In return you get a high resolution (300 dpi) cleaned up scan of the image. It’s $5.00 each for additional characters. If you are interested in owning the original, then an additional $5.00 is needed to ship the item to you.
  • Pen and ink sketches are available to be colored digitally, so if this something you would like done it would be an additional $10-$15 depending on how many characters there are in the image. This is something we would work out, depending on what’s being commissioned.


  • $30.00 for digital portraits, of anything and anyone! This is for one figure, with no background. Each additional figure is $15.00. There is no fee for a color/gradient background. In return for this purchase you will receive a high resolution (300 dpi) PNG file with a transparent background, as well as a copy with a colored background.
  • If you’re interested in a full figure, or a portrait with a background included contact me and we’ll discuss pricing.


  • Individual pricing may vary for this option, depending on what’s being commissioned. Pricing will range between $75 and $150. This is where paying a little more might save you money; because this is a commission to received a poster sized image (27 x 41 inches) of an entire composition, scene, etc. - with multiple characters and background.

If you’re interested in commissioning me you can contact me at:

brianjsmithart(at)gmail(dot)com /

Hey guys! I’m open for commissioning. If you’re not interested, then spread some love and see if someone else might be! Thanks!

Brian is a cool guy, give him moneys.

I forgot it was Monday because Borderlands. So time for Raw. DVR for life.



have waited my entire life for this gif set!



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Lake View Cemetery: The Haserot Angel 

It’s called the Angel of Death Victorious. Due to an effect of weathering and erosion on the bronze, the statue appears to be weeping black tears at all times. 

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Does anyone still read The Walking Dead?

Or did everyone else drop that after issue 100, too?

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okay but


modern Morticia Addams 

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the end is nigh


Awww yeah!

We dead

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"I know why she has named this the apocalypse, for it has been made all too clear.  All Gaia has created is to die in the maw of the Wyrm.  To think I once had faith in your crusade is worthy of the cruelest mockery.  As the Weaver strangles my last breaths from me, I speak the purest truth I can: the Garou are fools.  Doomed fools.  Every last one of you."



So I just found this panelvan body for sale, dirt cheap but it’s in another state and I’m really annoyed about it. Fuck I want it.

Worth a journey.


"Cops are just doing their job" always struck me as weird because it implies that somehow the fact that they are harassing, killing, and imprisoning people, enforcing institutional racism, and destroying communities is less morally reprehensible if they do it for money.

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